What’s in a Name?

Three Months after the initial blog idea, 48hours after a very heated wrestling match with my computer and after a final 1 hour cooling off period where I considered throwing said computer from the top floor window, I have at last arrived here, at my 1st post…

I figure the best way to kick off would be to give some background as to why I decided to name My Blog Sarah’s World Fare. The word ‘Fare’ isn’t actually a typo…it was just me trying (emphasis on the trying) to be cryptic as I will be discussing ‘fare’ a lot in this blog, from travel fare to yummy vegan fare to “wow yer man didn’t fare too well getting up them steps!”…

…But on to the name! I have always had a nostalgia for the by gone era and everything that that entails and as I was doing some reading I found out some information about World Fairs and particularly the 1939 World Fair in New York City, of which I found a beautiful short documentary. It arrived on the tail end of the great depression and catapulted people into a new positive way of thinking by ‘forecasting a better future.’ It united all the nations of the world under the motto “Peace through understanding” it was a creative hub for all kinds of artists and filmmakers and it allowed engineers, scientists, doctors, chefs, you name it, to showcase the latest advancements/discoveries in their retrospective fields. It was a place to share and unite, learn, laugh and eat…and well I just can’t really find much fault with that…

Welcome to the Fare!

Sarah x



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